Monday, April 03, 2006

Gander Mountain Sucks!!!!

Three words I hoped I would never have to mutter, Gander Mountain SUCKS!!!!! Myself and other outdoors men that I know have commented on the declining customer service at the Madison Gander Mountain stores specifically. I have been waiting for them to get my Fish Finder in stock, now I know it's a new model and they have to clear out the winter stuff, and they have really just got done stocking for summer fishing. Whatever, I went there on Friday and to my surprize they have my FishFinder on the display, an Eagle FishElite 502c. This is a new model from Eagle, sort of, basically the only difference is an internal GPS antenna, which I really like because I don't have to find a place to mount the external antenna that the 500c has. Ok, so like a kid in a candy store I practically run to the fishing department with Foxy and boo. There is a guy who is half-assed helping a customer, really he's playing with a couple reels on the display case. Literally playing with them, he's not stocking them, just playing not really paying attention to anyone. So this other customer is trying to get some money off of a floor model reel, which is fine, he seems kind of crabby to begin with. The clerk, still playing with reels, is just standing there, looking at me. So I can barely ask about this fish finder, I've been wanting it so long I feel like there is going to be a huge void in my life if I actually purchase it. This is a $450 device, I don't usually spend this kind of money on anything, I've been saving Gander Mountain gift cards from xmas and all my b-day and xmas money for this very moment. So this guy goes to find my Fishfinder, meanwhile the other customer is becoming almost furious with the help he isn't receiving. When the guy comes back, he's like well we are out of stock. The other customer at this point says nevermind and leaves. I'm like WTF you seriously just put this display out in the last two weeks and it's out of stock already. By this time there are two GM employees playing with reels. Neither has said anything about the fact that this thing is out. So I'm like, well do they have it at the other store, they look it up, no! They have it in Janesville and Baraboo, both 40 minutes away. OK, so now there are three guys, pretty much ignoring me just talking amongst themselvs playing with the computer. WTF, HAVE YOU TOTALLY FORGOTTEN WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE!!!!!! Wouldn't you think they would have asked if I would like them order one and hold it, or even offered to put one on hold at another store, or have one shipped from another store. This isn't a $5 bait, it's a $450 purchase. I also notice one of the asshats ignoring me was the guy who rang up my license on Friday. The guy takes over 30 minutes to ring up my license. Every button, every question, every step, he had to turn to the other clerk and ask what he should do. Meanwhile the line is at the cash register is ever growing, I feel like an idiot for holding people up. Other customers are trying to help this too jerk offs, get this done. I just want to yell at the two of them to SWITCH, someone should teach this guy on his own time. WTF, if I walk into DS Baits Gene (yes I know his name), is always up for at least a 5 minute conversation about whats biting where, where you are headed, etc... At one time my friend and I walked into Gander and the guy spent an hour with us helping us pick out rods, reels, and lures. What happened to customer service? Outdoors guys like to talk, like to brag, love to get new infomation, Gander needs to remember this. If you hate the job that you do you need to quit doing it and stop making other peoples lives miserable, this goes for anyone that works at a restraunt, retail outlet, who has to interact with other people. People at least used to fake it, now they just don't care and it is very frustrating to the customers. Just because your life sucks, I don't need to know about it. I have half a mind to start voicing that to these "high and mighty" clerks. YOU ARE A CASH REGISTER MONKEY, NOTHING ELSE, EITHER LIKE IT, FAKE IT, OR GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE!!!!!!!! Needless to say I've written Gander Mountain customer service, I may call as well.

On a side note, Charlie and I went fishing on Saturday. Nothing doing, the big skunk, aka 0. Maybe if I had my new fish finder, we could have put some crappies in the boat. Ok, probably not, but couldn't hurt. Was nice to be out, even though I had to plow through some sand in <1 of water. The good news is that the boat seems to be in fine working condition after it's hibernation. Can't argue with that.


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